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last updated:15/02/2019 @ 10:47 am
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Staff List and Contacts

Main telephone number: 020 7242 8698

Chief Executive’s Office

Chief Executive Louise Craig louise.craig@fom.ac.uk 
Executive Assistant/Office Manager (Temporary) Lisa McCheyne lisa.mccheyne@fom.ac.uk

Direct line: 020 3116 6901

Communications, Policy and Media

Communications and Engagement Manager Ruth Cousins ruth.cousins@fom.ac.uk

Direct line: 020 3116 6910

Finance & Membership

Head of Finance and Membership Justyna Sugalska justyna.sugalska@fom.ac.uk

Direct line: 020 3116 6909

Finance and Membership Coordinator

For payments, please email

For membership queries, please email

Michael Lawson



Direct line: 020 3116 6905

Examinations & Training

For queries relating to examinations, specialty training, regulations, CESR’s and examining, please contact us via the appropriate mailbox stated on the right. exams@fom.ac.uk – Exams general queries

training@fom.ac.uk – Training general queries

Examinations & Training Manager Rachel Norton Direct line: 020 3116 6903
Examinations & Training Coordinator Mark Ordona Direct line: 020 3116 6914

Professional Development

For queries relating to revalidation, appraisal, CPD and the use of PReP please contact us via the mailbox stated on the right. admin@fom.ac.uk
Professional Development Manager Alannah Harrison Direct line: 020 3116 6902
Professional Development Coordinator Rhea Ali Direct line: 020 3116 6904